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How many places are available in each group? 

We have 26 children in the junior group with three staff, 36 in our midi group with 4 staff and 72 children in our senior group with seven staff. We now collect from the following schools: Johnstown, Dletns, Metns, Skyetns, Scoil Cholmcille, St. John's, Loreto Dalkey, St. Brigid's, Kill O The Grange, St. Kevin's, DSP, Scoil Lorcain and St. Patricks Dalkey.


Can I bring in a treat for my child’s birthday?


While we love to celebrate birthdays, we have decided not to allow treats to be brought in from home due to allergies and to follow our healthy eating policy. We make the day special and the birthday boy or girl, we sing happy birthday and they choose some goodies from the birthday box! Due to the large number of children in the school, we also, unfortunately, do not give out paper invitations and encourage parents to contact each other directly to arrange parties. 


How do you communicate?


We pride ourselves on keeping you informed about everything that is happening in the afterschool. We have found that good communication between home and afterschool fosters a good working relationship and that is key for your child’s wellbeing.  

Each class has a phone with a WhatsApp group which they contact parents and carers regularly. Keyworkers and parents can also contact each other directly by private message. We regularly send out email updates and WhatsApp messages to the groups. We also send out a bi-monthly newsletter and update our Facebook and Instagram accounts with information about what is happening in the school.  

We have a bulletin board in the lobby that we regularly put up community information on and are available for a chat daily at drop off and collection times.  


Can I have a tour of the afterschool school?


While we operate an open door policy and love to welcome it may not be possible to facilitate a tour of the school if you drop in unannounced due to other activities taking place. It is best to contact Eve on 0877881167  



What should I do if my child is sick? 

While we know that it is very difficult to juggle work and childcare please do not send a sick child into the afterschool. We strictly adhere to our illness policy and will send a sick child home. If your child is sick please contact your class phone to let the teachers know. 



My child has an anaphylactic allergy and/or medical needs. Can you accommodate them? 

Yes, in most cases we can. Before your child begins with us please contact us to discuss your child’s specific needs. We will need to put together plans with you and your doctor and forms will need to be filled out. Any medication/devices provided for your child that is sent in to us will be kept at afterschool for our use specifically. 


What weeks of the year do you open?  

We operate the afterschool for 38 weeks which coincides with the primary school calendar. We operate holiday clubs during Halloween, February midterm, Easter, July and the 1st week in August. We close for two weeks at Christmas and for the last two and a half weeks in August. 


Will afterschool operate on half days and in-service days(12 o’clock school finish)? 

No, we can't organise to collect children on days when the primary schools finish early. During in-service days or early days children can be dropped into us from 1pm.

Do you accommodate part-time/part hours places?


Our places are available 2,3,4 or 5 days per week on set days. We can accommodate children until 6pm only. 




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